Tunnels and Arches

Tunnels and arches age and undergo changes over time that may make them unfit for use.
Freyssinet offers its clients proven solutions for the repair, protection and reinforcement of these structures.

Foreva® solutions enable Freyssinet to carry out rehabilitation work in line with industry standards and good practice, while respecting the environment.

Foreva® solutions include: 

Maintenance and repair
Throughout their service life or following an accident, structures require structural repairs. As necessary, Freyssinet can perform concrete reprofiling, install waterproof membranes and stapled coverings and treat cracks and water infiltration points.

Structural reinforcement
Freyssinet offers a number of techniques for reinforcing your structures, including shotcrete relining, shotcrete section reprofiling and additional prestressing or installing composite reinforcements, nails, etc.

Tunnel renovation
Freyssinet offers a wide range of services to modernise or adapt your structures to comply with the requirements of new conditions or standards.

To bring your structures into compliance with standards, Freyssinet can install fire protection in your tunnels and other underground facilities. It also offers a variety of preventive and corrective techniques to protect concrete reinforcements against corrosion.


  • Tunnels
  • Arches
  • Passages
  • Culverts
  • Underground tunnels



Puymorens tunnel (France)